New Status coming for BANTA

BANTA is currently applying for 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS. This will allow Your donations to the organization to be tax deductible.

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Fundraising for New Grooming Implement

Wow, what a great start to the ski season!  The combination of  summer trail work followed by continuous snow and cold has gotten us our best December skiing ever.   As we look to continue to make Barron the best little ski system in the area, we are looking at buying a new grooming implement.   Since our inception, we have been using a Tidd-Tech Trail Tenderizer.    It is a great 20+ year old design but it is limited in that it requires multiple passes for renovating a trail.

Modern equipment allows for renovating and creating a ski surface in less passes and at a higher speed.  The less work it is to groom, the more often it can be done.

Our trusty snowmobile has been upgraded with new skis that allow for much better turning and pretty much eliminates grooving of  the skate deck.   So for now, we are looking to improve what we tow with the sled.   There are two competing groomers that we are looking at. The  Tidd-Tech G2 or

Yellowstone Ginzugroomer

Both of them allow for single pass renovation of the ski surface and would be equipped with an actuated tracksetter.   If anyone has working knowledge and would be interested in working on this project, let us know.   I know that both Rice Lake Nordic, and the Blue Hills, use Tidd Tech equipment and are pleased with them. Both are probably going to cost in the $5500 – $6000 dollar range by the time we have all the attachments and wiring done.

We have had 2 generous families contribute $500 each to start the fundraising campaign with the stipulation that their funds are matched by others.

We are going to use the same account with the City of Barron for this campaign that had for the light project.  Make checks out to the City of  Barron.

Mail or drop off your contributions at the Barron City Hall

P.O. Box 156

Barron, WI 54812.

Attn: Tony Slagstad BANTA

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Trail Work!

What a great work day on Saturday. Josh Moe was able to get the use of a Bobcat with a Harley rake from Barron Supply, to rework the trail around the perimeter of Damroth’s field. It was quite an undertaking but it looks great and will look even better once we get the grass to germinate and grow. Will it ever rain nicely here again?

Linda, Greg, Anna, and Macky Mikunda picked rock, so we should be able to ski the fields with minimal snowcover. While that was going in the field, Gary Mikolon,Steven Schultz, Scott Quiser worked with some of the Barron CC team to clear the trails in the woods of debris. The School maintenance crew brought clean dry soil in to fill depressions and ruts so once he was done eating dust in the fields, Josh came into level things up in the woods. That’s when we came into a little difficulty. The Harley rake grabbed a stump and torqued itself, bending some large bolts, a steel brace and a bit of the frame. This is how our donations get spent. Not fun, but very worthwhile. The trail looks better than ever. I suspect that the World Cup will be calling, asking us to host an event when they see this.
A big thanks to Bente Moe and her assistants for lunch and refreshments.
So get out and take a walk in the woods as long as it is dry. Please don’t access Damroth’s field until later this fall to give the grass every opportunity to get established. I would like to reseed the woods trails next spring.

Tyler Gruetzmacher


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Lights should be on most night until 8pm

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Season Update

Well we finally have a measurable snow chance this weekend. The grooming equipment is ready, trail is marked and now we just need the SNOW. Grooming will begin ASAP. please keep checking back on the Conditions page for when the trail is ready for skiing. We please ask that you refrain from skiing util we post that the trail is ready. We like to ge things groomed and set up so we can have a base that maintains the season. We hope to be on the trails soon! Thanks the BANTA


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12’~13′ Season approaches

The lights are being places back out and the trail is in great shape. Now we just need SNOW!

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The Ligths are BACK!

Just the other day the electrician came by and headed out to the trail to investigate if we needed a regulator. He returned in less than an hour to tell us that the only problem was a switch. It is fixed and we once again we have light! Winter is over but start looking forward to the 12-13 Season of skiing at the BANTA trails!

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Lights Update

We blew a regulator and are awaiting an update from the electrician. Hopefully we will have lights again soon.

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Lights~ Action!

It all started about 3 years ago when I mentioned the idea of lights to Steve Schleppegrell at the Curling Club.  He said his hometown of Hibbing MN had a system with some short lights.  That lead to stumbling into a taxiway lighting system from the City of Rhinelander, contributions from the City and County of Barrons and many others.  The major donation of the trenching of 10,000 feet of wire by PUSH INC in the fall of 2010.   A list of donors will be posted at the trail.  Thank you to all!
That all lead up to skiing around the woods this evening without a headlamp.  It was wonderfull!  The trail is in very good shape for only having about 1.5″ of packed snow.  I wouldn’t use your “A” skis, but don’t be fearful.  There aren’t many rocks in the woods before it snowed, so if you hit something it is most likely a twig or clump of frozen silt.
We still need to get a delay timer installed so we can run the lights automatically, so the evening skiing will be scheduled.  The lights need to be tweaked to optimise the coverage, but it works now.  The lights will be on Wednesday evening until 9.   We need to figure out a schedule after that.    Next Tuesday there is a group ski, come and join the fun.
Thank you to all for your contributions of money and labor.   We just turned a great trail into something wonderfull. 
The picture is from tonight on the center trail facing north.

Tyler Gruetzmacher

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Ode to Lighting the BANTA Trail

……Tis was some three long years ago; Sir Scott was grooming to and fro… With the Tidd Tech behind in tow; he yelled to Tyler G, hey bro… Winter sun in the west so low; we don’t have time to ski, you know… Just then a coach named Greg said whoa; old airport lights could make this glow…For wires and knowhow we will need dough; plans are good to make this –a go… Mikolon, — Gruetzmacher, — and Moe; the heavy lifting dynamo… Doc, Scott, Dave, Greg, Tony, and Joe? Each man being a self-made pro… Cutting, hauling, using the hoe; covered in dirt from head to toe… Out there like the Hanson duo; mapping it out — using techno… Blazing the trail just ever so; under watchful eyes of the crow… Digging/trenching the earth below; power and wire will require escrow… Glass domes and pipes, all in a row; one in each hole –like a golf pro… Hoping for an electric flow; threw the switch and we heard –oh no!… Winter is here, no lights to show; in 2010 we did forego… But this new year — hope is aglow; we would’nt accept status quo… Call was made to Transformer Joe; …K.O! Rocky Mar-ci-ano… A toast with Red Bordeaux, ho ho! HAVE A NIGHT SKI ON LIGHTED SNOW!

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